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Maditus version 1.5.6

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Maditus version 1.5.6

Thanks for continuing support for Maditus and we are never tired of making our product better and more awesome for you to use.  Inline with one our main objective of keeping organisation relevant by improving productivity, the main focus of version 1.5.6 is to about your key asset, human capital. Here are just a few of the many improvements made:



  • Improved and more informative approval request for Leave and Expenses & Claim: Previously we understand and hear from you on the need to have more detailed information on the approval request and with the new improved form, we believe you will like the new user experience.
  • Introduction of the recruitment module – from Job descriptions to Hiring process & Employment Contract: A new module in HR module encompassing Job description to employment contract, to assist organisation in staying relevant thru technology.  One of the many integrated products in our business journey.
  • Urgent leave: A new types, where applicants are now able to apply for urgent basis subject to the organisation’s leave policy
  • Confirmation of payment: expenses claims are now tracked and confirmation are required to close the claim process



  • Additional page incorporating Out of Pocket expenses in Audit Engagement section: For audit clients, a complete database which provide detailed expenses classification to bill out of pocket expenses
  • Two (2) additional pages in the client profile namely Auditors and Company Secretary:  2 new pages to keep information of all the previous auditors and company secretary ensuring all the necessary data at your fingertips.



  • New reporting engine: A whole new section dedicated to reports where all the your favorite and frequently used reports are stored



  • Additional personal information: another section to keep confidential client’s information


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