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Is your website “the answer” to Google?

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Is your website “the answer” to Google?

Business owners and company, is your website “the answer” to Google search engine?  Staying on top of the search results page provides you opportunities for business expansion through increased traffic; business authenticity, trustworthiness and effectively, reducing your marketing cost.


Google has introduced Google My Business.  Businesses should register with Google My Business as it is akin to Yellow Pages but in the digital era, and it simplifies local marketing for SMEs.  Google is trying to streamline and adopt a consistent approach, the process of managing local business data, reviews and social interactions across its many sites. Google calls it “a free and easy way to find and connect with your people, wherever you are”.  What other better way to connect to your potential customers and best of them all, for free? 


In addition to the Google My Business, business owners can increase the traffic to their website by enabling rich snippets in their website design, such as:


  • Products – provide detailed information which will attract potential buyers such price, availability, and review ratings right on our search results pages.


  • Recipes – provide details such as images reviewer ratings, cooking and preparation time, and nutrition information.


  • Review and ratings – ways of expressing an evaluation of an item or product and can be describe as text and rating from 1 to 5 (example).


All the above, are achieved through structured data which enables Google to index better and present more prominently in the search results.  Additionally with the ever increasing number or people of smartphone, expect search becoming mobile in 2016.  Moreover it is critical to own a responsive (Mobile Ready) website to appease all mobile user, which is also part of Google Ranking factor.


All this ensures that your websites stays relevant and increase the number of leads to your company.  Do contact your web administrator to ensure that your website stays updated and on top, or contact us to develop or revamp your website.

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