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Maditus 1.5.7 Updates

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Maditus 1.5.7 Updates

In the new release, our changes are mainly to improve the accuracy and ease of use in the Human Resources – Expenses and claims management system. Subscribers are able to enjoy the flexibility and ease of storing copies of their receipt online, and process them at a later stage or even immediately. Enjoy the ease of taking a copy of the receipts using your mobile. No more misplaced receipts or late submission and at the same time, save your office space. Other benefits such as more accurate GST accounting and claims, and ease in claiming “Out of Pocket” expenses for auditors out there.




Another feature made was the AGM calculator, where deadline for AGM and Annual Return for all your clients are automatically calculated. Reminders are generated and sent out; with the ultimate objective of improving your services to your client. We have also made many other improvements in other areas to ensure that all information are at one location, and at your fingertip. Gone are the days, perusing thru various files, getting all the information required.





As we continue with our hard work on other enhancements and improvements for a more amazing experience and integrated applications, and we would like to thank you for your continued patience and trust in us. Stay tune for more!


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