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Hashcom signs a MOU with Cynopsis

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Hashcom signs a MOU with Cynopsis

On 30 June 2017, Hashcom signs a Memorandum of Understanding with Cynopsis to collaborate on developing connectivity and interoperability between each other’s products.


Hashcom specialises in building cloud platform for various integrated applications focusing on resolving administrative issues and improving productivity, enabling organisation to concentrate on their core businesses. In particular, Maditus Platform encompasses specialised apps to automate and digitise audit and corporate services workflows and processes.


Cynopsis specialises in RegTech SaaS in the KYC/AML/CTF space where their flagship product, Artemis, helps more than 150 B2B customers in the financial and non-financial sectors better comply with prevailing AML/CTF regulations by automating the manual processes and digitising the analogue documentation.


In this collaboration, Cynopsis and Hashcom will explore and build Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) between Artemis and Maditus where existing and prospective customers will benefit from the integration of the 2 platforms such that customer data is entered only once and will flow from one platform to the other in a seamless and secured manner. This reduces manual data entry work which is both inefficient and error-prone.


Cynopsis and Hashcom intend to bring a seamless experience to customers in the audit and corporate services sectors by integrating KYC and business processes with APIs.

Duy Nguyen