Strategy without execution is useless.
Execution without strategy is aimless.

— Morris Chang

Financial and operational data is a commonly under-utilised resource for micro, small and medium-sized organisations (MSME). HCG believes passionately that readily-available date can be harnessed, in an affordable manner, to provide business insights and vitality check to steer the company towards its vision. Business diagnosis does not necessarily require significant technology investment by the MSME.

Business Strategy Advisory

If you can’t measure it, you can’t manage it.

— Peter Drucker

HCG partners MSME in implementing their vision in a data-driven manner and its services include but is not limited to:

  • Design and implementation of affordable business
  • Business feasibility analysis (e.g. through financial model building and due diligence review of business opportunities)
  • Evaluation of strategic options and existing operations to optimise resource allocation.

Business Strategy Advisory

Organisation Development

Regardless of how brilliant your business strategy is, its success is highly dependent on the people executing it. HCG is an avid supporter of organisation and people development as a key lever to effective strategy implementation.

HCG works with a panel of coaches and mentors to assist our corporate clients with leadership development and change management. HCG also provides team facilitation services on organisation development themes jointly customised with our clients.

Accounting & Finance Resource Support

HCG prides itself on its versatility and agility in providing diverse accounting and finance resource support to MSME and large organisations in a timely manner.

Be it MSME who have limited access to experienced hires, or large organisations with temporary resource gaps in the accounting and finance space, HCG works with these organisations to provide the necessary support without without imposing the burden of an increase in clients’ headcount. HCG’s service offerings include:

  • Provide end-to-end or ad-hoc accounting and finance
  • Assist on technical accounting issues
  • Assess and prepare client for audit readiness
  • Alleviate clients’ pain points or resolve accounting and finance emergencies which cannot be fulfilled by clients’ internal team.

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