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Cloud Security

Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) Security Challenges

Organizations that implement IaaS benefit from improved infrastructure performance and reliability at lower
costs.  The following security issues should also be addressed to protect their cloud-based operations and their

Network Security

Isolate cloud resources from shared cloud networks and Internet traffic

Data Security

Protect sensitive data entering the cloud

Secure Remote Access

Allow safe access to and usage of cloud resources


Control your cloud deployment as if it was another enterprise network

The FortyCloud Solution

FortyCloud provides a comprehensive security solution for IaaS using Software Defined Networking (SDN)
and Software Defined Security (SDS) technologies.  All important IT security elements, like AAA, encryption
and firewall, are packaged together in the FortyCloud solution and are delivered in SaaS model.


Enhanced Manageability

System Administrators are now able to control and monitor their secure cloud network in real time

Cost Efficiency

With only a small addition to the monthly cloud budget, FortyCloud significantly upgrades security and usability of companies’ cloud deployments

Ease of Use

All security configurations are performed using policies; even the most complicated security tasks can be performed within a few mouse clicks

Agility & Efficiency

All networking and access related security tasks are automated. Security is no longer a barrier to growth, security scales according to business requirements.

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