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Maditus Platform
A cloud platform for various integrated applications focusing on resolving administrative issues and improving productivity, enabling organisation to concentrate on their core businesses.

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Maditus out of the box

Manage multi geographical office locations

Automate, execute and monitor tasks from start to end

Customisable to different industries and company policies

Systematic business process

RACI (Responsibility, Accountability, Consult and Inform)

Customisable via Admin Centre

Catered for expansion

Human Resources Management System

Cloud based integrated solutions to assist in managing and retaining your most valuable assets in the organisation, human resources. It enables the organisation to centralised its governance of HR policy for multiple offices in different locations, and covers the full spectrum of HR departments processes from new job posting to staff resigning.


Workforce management system which includes recruiting to personnel to performance information, talent management system and employee self-services portal where info derived during interview stage are automatically imported in.

Core HR and Payroll

Leave and Claim Management system

Talent management system

Workforce recruitment management system

Time Attendance

And many others.

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Customer Relationship Management

A cloud based integrated solution which enables you to quickly convert a lead to an opportunity for your company.  And opportunity here represent the possibility of the customer performing the purchasing activity from you.


As it centralised, information sharing, gathering or even up-sales can be conducted which will further increase the possibility of future opportunity.

Dashboard at a quick glance

Lead Management

Contact management

Company management

Opportunity management

Customisable such as services, rates, specific to your organisation

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Specialised App


Cloud based integrated solution for audit professional.  Store all your files, working papers in a central place.  No more time wasted in finding the latest file, or searching thru various paper file.


High level audit processes flows providing guidance and visualisation to new-comers and identification of audit progress.  Customisable checklist in-built and can be automated to trigger at a certain stage.

Audit process are automated and process driven

Automated generation of bank confirmations

Process driven ``Know Your Client`` and independent checklists

Integrated with performance management and productivity tracking

Firm-wide process embedded and can be trigger automatically or independently

Automated tracking time spend without the need for manual timesheet

One location to load all your finalised working file

Different access roles for auditors, manager, partners and it is customisable

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Corporate Services

Cloud based solutions for company secretaries.  All your registers, in a single application and at your fingertips.  Centralised client database and Know Your Client Process are embedded and automated to ensure easy search for any information.

Process driven management system

Automated tracking time spend without the need for manual timesheet

One location to load all your finalised working file

Centralised client database

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