There’s a way to do it better – find it.
— Thomas A. Edison

Longevity in this business is about being able to reinvent yourself or invent the future
Satya Nadella

Besides having the necessary technical expertise in information technology and understanding client’s IT challenges, HCG’s technology consulting team places emphasis on understanding clients’ business strategies and needs to ensure that the solutioning is on point with clients’ business needs. HCG lives and breathes technology, but it is also keenly aware that technology in itself is not the answer to all business problems. HCG is committed to serve our clients as we would have liked to be served.​

Technology Consulting

HCG’s consultants possess strong domain knowledge in various industries such as hospitality, accounting & financial services and insurance; and technical expertise in digital transformation, cloud technologies, modernize application development, data analytics, machine learning, artificial intelligence, computer vision and internet of things.

Digital Transformation

HCG partners clients in their digital transformation journey, through co-creation and joint execution of a strategic and tactically actionable plan. The HCG team was one of the early movers in Singapore to assist small medium enterprises with cloud migration and use artificial intelligence to transform large companies’ existing business processes with optimal efficiency and accuracy.

Technology Solutioning

HCG prides itself as an innovation warrior, armed with creativity and the courage to explore unchartered grounds. In its technology solutioning business, HCG designs and builds bespoke technology-based solutions as enablers for clients’ business strategies and/or to alleviate clients’ pain points.

Maintenance & Support

HCG provides maintenance and support service for clients’ critical systems and production applications, which includes regular monitoring of system health status, performing maintenance check and correction of system defects.

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