HCG is a Technology Consulting company that specializes in platforms, AI, and Data. We take pride in our agility and quality in responding to clients’ needs through top-tier digital capabilities and tech-driven solutions. Our focus is to demystify AI and Data technologies, simplify them, help organizations drive digital transformation initiatives and accelerate AI adoption.
Core Values
Everything we do and what we believe in is based on our 6 Core Values
Curiosity is what drives us to learn more about the world, and the thrill of discovery is what keeps us going.
When asking a question, our employees crave more than one answer. To provide the greatest possible service to our clients, we constantly seek and learn to develop new methods of doing things.
Each of us is not afraid to ask respectful questions and take responsibility for our words, our actions.
We strive to create a culture of candor in which people can freely express their opinions to strengthen trust among the community.
Each of us is unique, genuine, and acts like no other than the person we are.
We encourage and expect everyone to be authentic. When we celebrate the intricacies of an individual, we honor their strengths while also acknowledging and addressing their flaws.
We pursue the highest standard of quality in everything we do and take pride in offering high-quality products and services.
As a team full of enthusiasm and creative minds to satisfy the needs of our clients, we are agile in adapting to changes and innovating to grow.
We value modernization in our decision-making, planning, and service delivery.
Employees are valuable as people, not just as employees. We nurture talents and each individual career development.
People are at the heart of our company, which is the power to make HCG a business renowned for providing qualified services both domestically and globally.
Our Mission
Enable transformation and growth acceleration of our clients and people through deep technology and business insights.
Our Leadership
Duy Nguyen
Chief Executive Officer
Duy is a serial entrepreneur, who holds the position of CEO of Hash Consulting Group and CTO of GauVendi and DayAway. He is a technical expert with over 15 years of experience in business & technology consulting for Startups and MNCs in the Hospitality and Financial industries. As one of the pioneers who promoted and implemented cloud computing technology for Singapore SMEs, Duy has designed and built enterprise systems that support more than 2000 hotels globally since 2015. Driven by a passion to build disruptive products, he's now embarking on the mission to demystify AI, harness its power and assist businesses in their AI adoption journey.
Wendy Lee
Chief Finance Officer
Wendy is a Certified Practicing Accountant (CPA Australia), who has over 20 years of work experience in the accounting, finance and banking industries. She partners with change management consultants, coaches, and mentors in designing and executing leadership development and mentoring programs for corporates.