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About Us

Who We Are

We started off as a small company, providing IT consultancy and managed IT services.  Since then our services has grown to managing cloud services and product development.  During our time in IT consultancy, we found out that many organisations are losing money due to ineffective IT management, non-technical employees having to manage organisation’s IT’s solution.  This is further compounded by rapid pace of changes in the IT technology.

Hence from there, design and prototyping of Maditus started with the aim of boosting productivity and accountability.  All this to assist the organisation to stay relevant and competitive through technology.  Our proposition is simple, integrated solutions and latest technology at your disposal, leaving you with more valuable time on your core business.

How We Are Doing It


Listen to Understand

When we approach any organisation, we dwell into the very foundation of your issues.  From there, we learn, understand and assess all your challenges and proposed the most effective recommendations.

Quality Deliverables

Once all the root causes have been determined, we will provide impartial, non-bias recommendations to you.  We believe in full performance pricing.  We do not believe in hidden charges or add-ons as there are no part recommendations to a challenge.  It is either a total solution or none.  Period.


Long Term Partnership

We believe in mutually beneficial long term relationship.  It is difficult to build a relationship whilst working on many others and we would rather deliver 100% of our effort to you than to spread our efforts everywhere, and thus ensuring that the success of your project.